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Atlanta area is one of the major hubs for Indian Community and there are various organizations in Atlanta area serving the community in different capacities. IFA has noticed a gap with regard to organizations working together to serve the community, and we want to bring every organization together to show the TRUE strength of our community. Our community is advanced in all areas like Culture, Social, Engineering, Medical, IT, Small and Large Business and growing into Public sector. But we are still missing the togetherness to show our strength, IFA believes to bridge all organizations and provide more effective services to the community. We at IFA will also strive hard to involve in local activities to become part of American Living and lay a great cultural foundation for our Next Generations. This can achieved by preserving the best of Indian culture while creating mutual respect for both cultures based on American values of freedom, individual liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Indian Friends of Atlanta (IFA) was formed in 2014 partnering with various different Indian organizations to fill in the gaps in community services, focusing mainly on the services along with spreading the culture and traditions of different Indian dialects. After its Inception in 2014, IFA has conducted different seminars in different aspects like Immigration, College Planning, Financial Planning, and the team also decided to conduct more medical seminar.

We hope you all will join us to make this dream come true. Get involved in our activities and services ...

IFA Team